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The asbestos regulation applies to facilities as defined by the Asbestos NESHAP Regulations in 40 CFR Part 61, Subpart M, Asbestos NESHAPS. Facilities are defined by the EPA as ‘any (including government owned or operated) institutional, commercial, public, industrial, or residential structure, installation or building, excluding residential buildings having four or fewer dwelling units; any ship; and any active or inactive waste disposal site.”

Per ADEQ a single, residential building with four or fewer dwelling units maybe exempt for Asbestos NESHAP requirements , if the building has never been used for commercial purposes, and the renovation or demolition are not part of a larger project.
Facility renovations are subject to asbestos NESHAP if threshold amounts of regulated asbestos-containing materials (RACM) are disturbed. Threshold amounts of RACM are:

  •    260 linear feet (measurement for material on pipes)
  •    160 square feet (measurement for material on surface area)
  •    35 cubic feet (measurement for material off facility components; i.e. waste)

Remember that OSHA standards still apply to your employees. You are open to liability even if the materials removed are less that 160 sq ft.

According to federal regulations, any material containing greater than one percent (1%) asbestos as determined by PLM is considered asbestos-containing material (ACM).
Mold & Indoor Air Quality

Since there are no regulated exposure threshold levels for molds, the ACGIH and USEPA guidelines suggest that interpretation of air sampling results should be generally based on comparison of indoor and outdoor spore contents. In addition, it is common industry practice, as a guideline, to compare outside bioaerosol concentrations and species to inside bioaerosol concentrations and species. Testing is performed on more than 60 different genus which includes literally thousands of species. When necessary cultures can be grown and tested to a specific type.

Lead Based Paint
Pursuant to federal regulations, as established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Guidelines, any paint in a residential structure, containing greater than 600 ppm (0.06%) Lead (Pb) by dry weight, is considered to be greater than the recommended limits and subject to required lead paint handling and abatement procedures. This applies to children under age 6 spending time in the household.

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