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“Our commitment to our customer is to be where you need us to be and when you need us to be there!”


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“Our commitment to our customer is to be where you need us to be and when you need us to be there!”

About Us....
Ever Green Environmental has combined over 50 years of experience in environmental testing, restoration, construction and management to assist our clients.

How to Use Pre-Testing Analysis Reports to obtain more jobs

Quite often our clients are called out to perform a mold inspection on a residence or commercial building due to someone just plain not feeling well or as it sometimes happens several people at once. You arrive and cannot visually see any reason for their suspicion of mold growth. There are no tell tale signs of previous or current water damage. So you tell them just that and go on your way. What if you recommended a mold test through Ever Green Environmental?

We have had numerous occasions where we were called out to do a Mold Analysis on a home or business. The results have been pretty amazing. We performed an analysis on a rental home and found an unbelievably high reading of Stachybotrys and upon further search found the mold in-between the floors of the residence. The renter cried when she  saw the report. Then called to say she was so thankful that she was not crazy like everyone kept telling her she was. As a result of this test the restoration company received the job on remediation as well as the put back. We have many experiences similar to this one, call for more examples.
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Our Focus:

Provide quality services in a timely manner... To provide processes that are thorough and cost effective...  To respect our clients and provide superior customer service...  Only then can we achieve our Vision:  Recognition as the Valley's foremost Environmental Abatement Provider.